What Cryptocurrencies Are Good to Invest in

This year, bitcoin’s value has risen even beyond an ounce of gold. On the other hand, the prospects for cryptocurrency are somewhat unclear in the long run. There are arguments about the lack of progress among major developers, making it less attractive as a long-term investment and as a payment system.


Bitcoin is still the most popular, the cryptocurrency that started it all. It is currently the largest market capitalization of about $41 billion and has been in existence for eight years. Worldwide, Bitcoin has been widely used and so far it is not easy to exploit weakness in the way it works. Whether as a payment system or as a stored value, Bitcoin allows users to receive and send Bitcoin easily. The blockchain concept is the basis of Bitcoin. You have to understand the blockchain concept to get an idea of what cryptocurrencies are.


Instead of Bitcoin, Litecoin is trying to solve many of the problems that curb Bitcoin. It is not as resistant as ethereum with its value derived mainly from solid user acceptance. It is prompted to note that Charlie Lee, the former Googler lightcoin leads. He also practices transparency with what he does with Litecoin and is very active on Twitter.


Vitalique Putrin, a prominent programmer, appeared with ethereum, which can do everything Bitcoin can do. However, the goal is essentially to be a platform for building decentralized applications. Blockchains is where the differences between the two exist. In short, bitcoin blockchain records one type of contract, one indicating whether the money has moved from one digital address to another. However, there is a significant extension with ethereum, because it contains more advanced linguistic text and has a more complex and wider scope.


Even if this currency is seen as a way to launder money, Monero wants to change that. In short, the difference between Monero and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin has a transparent blockchain with each openly recorded transaction. However, there is a fairly incomplete anonymity about Bitcoin. On the other hand, Monero has a vague rather than transparent transaction method. No one sells quite in this way, but since some people love privacy for any purpose, Monero is here to stay.


Unlike Monero, Zcash also wants to solve Bitcoin problems. The difference is that instead of being completely transparent, Monero is only partially generic in its blockchain style. Zcash also wants to fix the problem of anonymous transactions. After all, not everyone likes to show how much money they’ve already spent on Star Wars memory. So the bottom line is that this kind of cryptocoin has an audience and a question, although it’s hard to point out the privacy-focused cryptocurrency that will eventually reach the top of the stack.


Bancor is also known as the “smart token,” the new standard for creating cryptocurrencies that can keep more than one token in reserve. In short, Pancor tries to facilitate trade, management and code creation by increasing the level of liquidity and allowing it to price the automated market.

Eos, another competitor to Ethereum, promises to solve the Ethereum scale problem by offering a range of the most powerful tools to run and create applications on the platform.


An alternative to Ethereum, Tezus can be updated by consensus without much effort. This new blockchain has been applied decentralized in the sense that it governs itself with the creation of a real digital commonwealth. It facilitates sports technology called formal verification and has characteristics to improve the security of the economically heavier and sensitive intelligent nodes. Undoubtedly a significant investment in the coming months.


It’s incredibly hard to predict bitcoin on the list that will be the next star. However, user acceptance has always been an important factor for success when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

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