What Are the Cryptocurrency Malpractices That You Need to Be Aware of

Cryptocurrency scams have turned the financial industry upside down since the day Bitcoin gained notoriety and, unfortunately, it is estimated that more than $1 billion has been lost in these scams. At the same time, millions of these scams are lost every year. Hopefully you don’t fall prey to these tricks and that’s why we offer you this article that will somehow help you know many existing encryption tricks.

These are the types of cryptocurrency scams –

Gift Scam

It is incredibly unlikely that someone will have a legitimate gift that requires you to send your money first. On social networks, be careful with this type of text message. They can be derived from calculations that may seem identical to find the species that an individual really knows and loves, but that would be part of the trick. As for many of the responses they appreciate to these accounts for their own generosity: they are only fake company accounts or robots executed in gift fraud.

Fake mobile apps

Once the client installs a malicious application, everything seems to work as intended. On the other hand, these programs are created specifically to steal your cryptocurrencies. Inside the encryption room, there have been many instances where customers have downloaded malicious apps whose developers have been faked as a large encryption institution.

In this scenario, when a user reaches an agreement to normally finance the wallet or to receive payments, they actually send cash to an address owned by the scammer. As for the course, when funds are transferred, there are no undo buttons.

Pyramid and Bonzi schemes

In a Ponzi scheme, you may notice an investment opportunity with certain benefits, which is the first red flag. In general, you see this particular chart disguised as a portfolio management service. In fact, there is no magic formula in the office here the “returns” earned are only the money of other investors.

In a new pyramid scheme, more work is required for those involved. At the top of the typical, the pyramid will be coordinated. They will employ a specific number of men and women to work at a specific level among these people, and both men and women will have their own number of people, etc. As a result, a large structure is obtained that grows exponentially and produces results while creating new levels and masquerading as pyramids.

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